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Studying at Jesuïtes Poble Sec

Studying at Jesuits Poble Sec is a commitment to quality and a family-oriented school that puts all its human resources towards personalised education. Our students' academic results are the best proof of the education we offer.

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Educative offer

  • Centre's educational project

    Our commitment is to educating students, with close collaboration from families, to discover their full potential and find their own path in life.

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  • Infant school

    We want to stimulate the students' great potential for learning at this age in a pleasant, welcoming, open environment, working based on projects and corners, developing emotional skills and fostering a sense of belonging to the group.

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  • Primary school

    We want to be part of an active learning model in which students are the focus of the school, fostering their creativity and stimulating their individual strengths.

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You'll find us at...

Vila i Vilà, 14
08004 Barcelona


Tel: 93 441 80 06

Fax: 93 324 83 63

Getting here

Metro: Line 3 and Line 2 (Paral·lel)