The Loch Ness monster

Third and fourth grade, together with some fifth and sixth grade students who joined, could enjoy the theatre play The Loch Ness Monster, presented in our school by Blue Mango’s theatre company. Do you know what they have learnt? Look, it seems like the story explained that people in Scotland have been looking for the famous Loch Ness Monster -otherwise known as "Nessie"- for generations.

| 10-02-2012

In reality, Nessie has been living very happily in Loch Ness, not bothering anyone for years. That is, until one day when her peace is disturbed by Madison, a mad scientist determined to capture her and become rich and famous. One of the most funny things had been that children could interact constantly and decide, all together, if the monster would keep swimming in her lake or just opposite, if she would be captured for the mad scientist. Finally, after their collaboration during the play, the monster has been finally rescued from the horrible mad Madison.
Click on the pictures to see the pictures and see the whole experience, and if you want to hear and have some fun… click on the video as well.


Tot Cicle Mitjà juntament amb alguns alumnes de 5è i 6è han pogut gaudir de l’obra de teatre The Loch Ness Monster, realitzada a la nostra mateixa escola per la companyia Blue Mango. 
Sabeu què han après? Doncs mireu, resulta que la història explicava que la gent ha estat buscant el famós monstre del Llac Ness – també conegut com Nessie- durant generacions. En realitat, Nessie ha estat vivint molt feliç al Llac Ness, sense molestar ningú durant anys. Això és fins el moment en el qual la seva pau va ser destorbada per Madison, el boig científic capficat en capturar el monstre i tornar-se ric i famós. Una de les coses més divertides ha estat que els alumnes han pogut interactuar de manera contínua i decidir, entre tots, si el monstre podria seguir nedant en el seu llac o, pel contrari, seria capturat per el boig científic.
Finalment, després de la seva col·laboració en l’obra, el monstre ha estat rescatat de l’horrible boig Madison.